Sunday, February 19, 2017

Cherry Hill Atlantic - League Updates:

Registration for Spring 2017 Baseball & Softball Now Open


The registration system is now open for the Spring 2017 baseball and softball season. We listened and have made some exciting changes that we feel will improve our league and provide a better experience for all of our players. See some of the highlights below:


  • We have combined the baseball and softball Tee-Ball divisions and placing more of an emphasis on skill development and fun. “Games” will still be played but we are focusing this level on very basic baseball and softball skills that will help our kids enjoy the game and grow into better little ballplayers.

  • The A division for baseball will also be a co-ed division. This level will be for 5 and 6 year old boys and girls that have played a year of tee ball. At this level we will introduce our players to hitting a pitched ball and basic game concepts and ideas while continuing to emphasize fundamentals, skill development and fun. Many of our players make the jump from A ball to AA and are not prepared for the next level. Playing 20 games with little practice time just doesn’t allow for the skill development necessary to improve so while we will still play games, we will allow for more practice time to give our boys and girls the skills and basic game concepts to help them enjoy the AA level and beyond.

  • We will no longer be asking coaches to make the commitment to umpire games and will be providing paid umpires for all AAA and Majors games this season.

  • We have modified the age requirements for the AAA and Majors divisions to allow our players to play in the division that is appropriate for their skill level. In the past we have been rigid with the age structure but with the recent changes to the Little League ages, some have been forced to play up to a level for which they were not ready while some advanced players have been forced to stay down and play at a level that may not challenge them. We want the Little League experience to be enjoyable for everyone and we feel this could help. Please note that participation in the AAA and Majors division will be determined by evaluations and your child will be placed in the division that is appropriate for their skill level.







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